Monday, September 26, 2011

Libgdx - better choice for andengine

I love andengine, and had make several games based on andengine.  But, be honest, andengine is not fast enough for mobile game so today I tell you an alternative choice - Libgdx from badlogic company

Libgdx is high performance engine.  The performance is much better cause it does not make opengl call before each render of object.  The amazing part is Libgdx allow developer test their game on desktop as normal java application, instead of use a real mobile device.  But you should still test at real mobile before you publish your game!

But, Andengine is a better choice for beginner.  Why I said that?  Andengine does much better on the game part, such as making some Sprite/TiledSprite class which give create help for developer.  It's easier to understand and simple to control the game flow.

I'm still checking this engine and see if it is suitable for my next game.  You know, the performance is quite important in mobile game developing...

Official website:

Download from Google:

Chinese Tutorial

Useful Wiki

To quick start, download the helloworld example.  It contains two project inside.  One can be run in desktop and the other one can run in android(with ref to the 1st project)

Time to go again

I didn't update this blog for long time(ha, 5 months...) because I'm very busy these months.

Now I change my job and will try to keep this blog active again.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tank Assault Beta v1.00 released!

Tank Assault is in beta period.  Following is the screen shot for it.  The game will be published in 15/4/2011.

You are the commander of a tank.  Drive your tank through the dangerous battle field and destroy enemies!

Fast paced 2D tank action on android mobile.  Destroy anything you see by your cannon!

=== Features ===
* 2D graphics
* Mission Mode: 5 difficult levels
* Survival Mode: unlimited enemies wave
* Support for most android mobile.  Tablet is NOT tested.
* Multitouch D-PAD control OR Accelerometer control
* Score submission for survival mode is supported by scoreloop.  No registration is required.

=== Notice ===
* High end Android device required (Nexus One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy, etc)
* Please send bug reports and feedback to We are an independent developer team and will reply you within 48 hours.
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is used for save record.
* READ_PHONE_STATE is used by scoreloop.
* INTERNET permission is used by scoreloop and admob.


Developer says:
It is the beta version.  So there may be some bugs or bad setting.  Also, beta version only provides 5 missions and a survive mode.  More weapons, items, enemies and mission will be developed if more people like our game^^. Enjoy!

Contact us by

Tank, action game, battle, weapon, rocket, war.

URL: market://details?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Update of Tank Assault

Well.  It's three week from last post.  The android game, Tank Assault, is in testing period.  The game will be released in a few days so please wait!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What will be the next Game?

We are planning to make a tank game.  User can control the mini tank and destroy other enemies.

It will a single player game with 2D top view. 10 missions are provided in 1st release.   I plan to add 5 types of enemy tank(different types with bullet, rocket, laser, bababa....), and maybe add some towers or bunkers.

Or course, for this type of game, the explosion effect and the smooth movement are very important.

The project will be started today(18/3/2011) and will be finished within two weeks.

If you have any idea, please comment.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is Simple To Play?

SimpleToPlay is a team of android developers.  We love game and create good game in android.

All game we made are free of charge because we want every one can play our game.

However, if you love our games and wanna support us, please buy our AdFree version games.